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Elizabeth Mar 06, 2018 2838 views

What are the best ways to prepare for a job interview?

I get really nervous before a job interview and feel like I may come across as less confident because of my nerves.
#job-skills #jobinterviews #confidence

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Jennifer Aug 23, 2019 527 views

What is the meaning of life in administration?

I want to pressure career in administration after I complete my vocation in office administration in Job Corps. #teaching #career

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Rachael Jan 23, 2020 1237 views

How can I start working toward a career, in the tech field, without a degree?

#tech #computer #programming #engineering #business #information-technology #singlemom #workingmom

Anyone have any advice that could be helpful to getting started?

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Isolena May 14, 2020 983 views

I am beginning to explore different career paths for the future, and I am interested in learning more about marketing. What should I know?

I am great with communication and enjoy working with others! Marketing sounds interesting and I would love to learn more about it. #marketing #career-path #communication #social-work

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To May 19, 2020 765 views

How can i enhance my chance of getting a job

#english , #Vietnamese, #job-search