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Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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I am exploring different career paths and am interested in marketing, and health science.


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Isolena Nov 18, 2020 916 views

Business Career Paths

I have been finding the business career paths of marketing, entrepreneurship, etc interesting. What are some interesting ones I should look into? #entrepreneurship #business

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Isolena May 18, 2020 635 views

There are many career paths that I am interested in: Marketing, Psychology, Ultrasound Tech, etc. How did you know which occupation was right for you, and how has it affected your life?

I am curious about occupations and would love to know a little more about how you chose the right job for yourself. #career #psychology #marketing #nursing #curious

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Isolena May 14, 2020 806 views

I am beginning to explore different career paths for the future, and I am interested in learning more about marketing. What should I know?

I am great with communication and enjoy working with others! Marketing sounds interesting and I would love to learn more about it. #marketing #career-path #communication #social-work