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How do I play for my own country?

I was born in 2007.I started playing Badminton at the age of 9 . And Im still playing Badminton. I want to go ahead with this as my career. #career #sports

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2 answers

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Abhishek’s Answer

Hi Aishath, 

Badminton is a great game. My favourite player was Lin Dan. This is the right age when you should target your goals in becoming a good player.

You can go ahead reading about some of the best badminton players in the world and how they train themselves. 

This will give you some help in becoming a good/better player. You need to train hard for such games, as they require strength and agility.

Getting in touch with a good coach/mentor is utmost important if you really want to excel. Coach can always suggest/advice you the changes that you need to bring in your way of playing to become better and better. As they will analyse the way you play and note the mistakes that you make on court during matches. They will also suggest you the tournaments you should go for, which in turn will help you to get success. In order to play for the country you need to prove yourself at different levels, specially at national level.

Thank You

Abhishek recommends the following next steps:

You can go through below resources which will help you further https://www.badmintonmonthly.com/best-badminton-players/
You can also introduce yourself to some good badminton associations which will help you to grow as a good badminton player. This will give you an opportunity to play in tournaments and then you can also go ahead in representing your country Refer below link for badminton association in Maldives http://badmintonmaldives.org.mv/
Below link gives information about some of the upcoming badminton tournaments in Asia. https://www.badmintonasia.org/tournaments/badminton-asia-event-calendars/maldives-international-future-series-2019

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Ron’s Answer

You continue to do exactly what you have been doing since 9 years old. Continue to play the game but look up different camps and different opportunities with trainers to be the best you can . Playing for your country is awesome, that also means you have to be the best in the country so train hard. Your country should have a tryouts for that particular sport. When it comes, it is your job to be as ready for the competition as you can be.Good luck!