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Aishath E.’s Avatar
Aishath E. Sep 02, 2019 248 views

How do I play for my own country?

I was born in 2007.I started playing Badminton at the age of 9 . And Im still playing Badminton. I want to go ahead with this as my career. career...


Caitlynn D.’s Avatar
Caitlynn D. Nov 20, 2019 139 views

What are the requirements to get a degree in foreign language translator?

I'm thinking of going to college to become a translator and would like to know what I need to accomplish to do so. #...


Harley Marie C.’s Avatar
Harley Marie C. May 04, 2020 371 views

Is it hard to become an animal trainer?

I am an animal lover, and I have always enjoyed teaching my farm animals different tricks. I want my future career to be something along this line of work but I don't know what would suit me best. animals veterinarian career-choice zooloy...


Nievedha P.’s Avatar
Nievedha P. May 11, 2020 303 views

Is being a prodigy a necessity in the sports industry?

Will I be disadvantaged in the sports industry if I am not a prodigy in a specific sport? As many professional athlete have experience and training from a young age, does it count if I am a latecomer in the sports industry and have little experience? athletics sports ConnectedbySports...