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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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I would like to be cybersecurity personnel that has a specialization in Cloud security.

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Nievedha May 11, 2020 1452 views

Is being a prodigy a necessity in the sports industry?

Will I be disadvantaged in the sports industry if I am not a prodigy in a specific sport? As many professional athlete have experience and training from a young age, does it count if I am a latecomer in the sports industry and have little experience? #athletics #sports #ConnectedbySports...

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Nievedha Apr 26, 2020 1580 views

What are the programming languages I should master before entering the workforce as a entry-level penetration tester?

#programming #computer #technology #computer-science #cyber

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Nievedha Apr 18, 2020 1204 views

How to balance life and work as an entry-level employee? Would it be better if I worked more to understand the tasks of the job as I am new to the industry?

#career #work #balance #general #all industries

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Nievedha Apr 17, 2020 1062 views

Do I need external certifications to obtain the entry-level jobs in STEM?

#STEM #computer #cyber-security #information-technology

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Nievedha Apr 17, 2020 3079 views

What is the difference in task between a Cyber security Analyst and a SOC analyst?

#computer #cyber-security #information-technology