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What is the difference in task between a Cyber security Analyst and a SOC analyst?

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5 answers

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Jamie’s Answer

A SOC analyst typically monitors security at the network level.

A Cyber Security Analyst is a more generic title. Depending on the company giving the title, it could be any number of security positions such as Incident Response, Source Code security analyst, Web threat detection, Runtime Application Self Protection analyst and more. It really depends on how the company is using it.

At my company most of security folks are Security Engineers . However, what department of security we work in and what our job actually entails is different. A Security Engineer in Risk management might only focus on evaluating the risk levels of our applications, networks, etc ensuring they are at least meeting the primary security standards as well. Where as a Security Engineer in Dynamic Application Security would be performing security scans and pen tests at the application layer (ethical hacker) mimicking a hacker to ensure applications are secure to the deepest levels.

Thank you! Nievedha P.

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Scott’s Answer

The difference between the two in my experience is the difference between planning and operational execution of security monitoring or response. SOC actively monitors the security of an organization. You learn different skill set from both but for the most part one can be effective at both with the core discipline skill sets.

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Jesus’s Answer

A Cyber Security Analyst is a general title for a person that helps secure a technical environment for a company. A SOC analyst is a person that will Analyse reviews security Logs based on tools or security systems that will alert to possible security issues. Think of a Cyber Security Analyst like a police office that deals with general security. A SOC analyst it is like the dispatcher in a police station that will alert if there is a possible crime taking place and will send someone to investigate it. In may smaller companies a Cyber Security Analyst can als have the SOC responsibility. I hope this helps.

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Rick’s Answer

SOC (Security Operations Center) analyst is specialized in network monitoring for security issues or events. A SOC analyst may work at the TMC (Threat Management Center) provided there is one in the organization. SOC analysts check on alerts/alarms for security devices such as IDS (Intrusion Detection System) or SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) platforms. A SOC analyst is a well-defined security role.

A Cybersecurity analyst is a bit more of broader role for Information Security professionals who are tasked with data protection from cyber threats in organizations. For instance, a security risk management analyst, a pen-tester, a digital data forensics are considered Cybersecurity analysts. Cybersecurity analysts can have area of focus with regard to their security roles and responsibilities in their organizations.

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N’s Answer

Cyber security analysts (also called information security analysts) plan and carry out security measures to protect a company's computer networks and systems, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). They keep constant tabs on threats and monitor their organization's networks for any breaches in security.

Similar to cybersecurity analysts, SOC analysts are the first responders to cyber-incidents. They report cyberthreats and then implement changes to protect an organization.

Job duties include:
Provide threat and vulnerability analysis
Investigate, document and report on information security issues and emerging trends
Analyze and respond to previously undisclosed software and hardware vulnerabilities
Prepare organizational disaster recovery plans
Whereas a cybersecurity analyst may be the only cybersecurity professional at an organization, SOC analysts are generally part of a large security operations team. The SOC analyst role is the last line of defense against cybercriminals. Without them, hackers and other cyber criminals may never be found.

N recommends the following next steps:

How to become sSecurity Analyst
Get a bachelor’s degree
Get relevant certifications
Enter the IT field as a security administrator, systems administrator or network administrator.
Get promoted to a mid-level role as a security engineer or analyst.