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What IS software engineering all about

I am femete, a student studying software engineering in siantou university Yaoundé (Cameroun). M'y dream is to becam a genius in software engineering #software-engineer

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3 answers

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Shaurya’s Answer

Software Engineering is all about creating solutions using computers. In this computer age, software engineering is undoubtably the most impactful trade. As a software engineer, you will be expected to work on a specific problem or scenario, and then figure out a solution which can be implemented digitally. You should have good understanding of how computers work and how to program them using programming languages. The work computer itself is very broad and can refer from a standalone PC, a shared server or a cloud-based platform . Applications of software engineering are truly endless.

Shaurya recommends the following next steps:

Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_engineering
Take a course on Python or some other popular programming language
Enroll in a course related to software engineering

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Mary Ann’s Answer

For me, software engineering is about solving problems, continually learning new concepts and technologies, and questioning your assumptions about how things should work. If you're on a team, it's also highly collaborative, even if a lot of it takes place asynchronously over version control and chat.

Over my career, I've gotten better at taking a step back (or 10) when I get stuck, not being biased toward my ideas because they're mine, and being comfortable thinking through possible solutions and weighing them against each other. I think this, as much as learning new technologies, has made me a better engineer.

It's also so hard to know everything, so knowing where to find answers (Stack Overflow) and how to ask questions is incredibly important.

Mary Ann recommends the following next steps:

Pick a project and learn how to build it, allowing you to learn and to have something to show potential employers.
Learn JavaScript and use it to do web front end, mobile, or server programming.

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Tim’s Answer

The others are answers are great.

I would just add that software engineering is really about creating solutions that are used by humans across the globe and the goal is to make those tasks that we all do on our phone, computer, or even in person at a device like an ATM, Point of Sale, or Self Checkout machine in a grocery store.

The goal of a software engineer is to make things simple by using technology for end users.

You can start simple with something like python and then grow from there.

Good luck.