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Blake W. Feb 24, 2016 692 views

How can I be able to fully immerse someone in the virtual world?

I want to create a 3D Virtual Reality World that feels exactly like the real one. I want to make it so that when you are in the virtual world, you can't move your body in real life. You can only move around in the virtual world. virtual-reality...


karthik N.’s Avatar
karthik N. May 10, 2016 730 views
Gloria S.’s Avatar
Gloria S. Sep 10, 2016 658 views

What is virtual reality all about?

I would like some insight about how virtual reality came to be and how it is actually set up. I had a demo on virtual reality while visiting CNBC headquarters two months ago and I really liked seeing virtual reality before my very eyes. I just want to know more information about virtual reality...

help virtual-reality

Cesar R.’s Avatar
Cesar R. Oct 27, 2016 570 views

As an engineer, is there ever an invention or creation that is too big to dream of, and if not then how do you get started on the intimidating journey towards the end goal?

Hello, I am a senior in high school aspiring to become an aerospace engineer in the future, in hopes of changing the world for the better through an engineering background. A dream like this requires some sort of plan and instead of waiting to be in college with all the fancy laboratories and...

engineering aerospace-engineering

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Bill T. Oct 29, 2016 589 views

Computer science

How can computer science relate to virtual reality? computer-science technology gaming...


W. C. Y.’s Avatar
W. C. Y. Mar 21, 2017 547 views

Will it be hard for me to pursue a postgraduate degree which is not related to my major in undergraduate?

Hello! I would like to try out something new when I study for my postgraduate degree. Will it be hard for me to get admitted if I choose to study on a subject which is not related to my current major like Journalism or creative media? If I want to get admitted, is it better for me to prepare...


Thomherson S.’s Avatar
Thomherson S. Sep 01, 2017 712 views

Is choosing computer engineering a good choice of a career

I am asking because I love engineering because I have taken adobe certified classes in high school and enjoyed them as well as passed them, but ive also always been hands on which influences me to choose architectural or other forms of engineering. Engineering , honor scholarships...


Maeve K.’s Avatar
Maeve K. Jan 24, 2018 323 views

Should I worry about the future of artificial intelligence when selecting a career?

Since I was six years old I have dreamed of becoming a teacher. However, I recently read and article online that predicts that within 50 years half of all human occupations will be replaced with artificially intelligent robots. Should I be concerned about my career as a teacher being cut short...

robots teaching

NIRANJAN KUMAR REDDY R. Feb 27, 2019 227 views

Would like to know about career in computer vision.

computer_vision # image_ processing #machine-learning#computer-application research...

Topo F.’s Avatar
Topo F. Sep 03, 2019 706 views

What IS software engineering all about

I am femete, a student studying software engineering in siantou university Yaoundé (Cameroun). M'y dream is to becam a genius in software engineering...


Iris G.’s Avatar
Iris G. Nov 23, 2020 278 views

Is GPA important when getting into the coding field?

GivingisCaring Coding GirlsWhoCode Career GPA united-states JobSearching I'm just starting out college and I know a lot of people tell me that the field you get into doesn't matter for undergrads, does this also apply to seeking jobs in coding through boot camps? And is there any...

Ashley M.’s Avatar
Ashley M. Feb 16, 2021 392 views

What types of math do I need for robotics

I’m 21 I like music and robots and I want to build and design the animatronics at Disney parks math Robots...


Alex A.’s Avatar
Alex A. Feb 17, 2021 779 views

What does it take to become a Scientist?

This is another kind of career I'd like to study one day. If I want to become a Scientist for my future, what do I need to learn? Like what degree do I need? Or where could be a perfect college? Because I'm planning to learn about some Chemistry, Anatomy, and mostly Technology Science. science...

anatomy career technology chemistry