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Will AI make fields like computer science less and less require for human coding?

I'm a student that is interested in computer science but with the rise of AIs in different fields, will it make fields like computer science less and less to request human coding? #computer-science #coding

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2 answers

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Leo’s Answer

That's unlikely. AI still has a long way to go to achieve anything close to human-level intelligence (if it ever does). Try it for yourself: if you have one of those devices that are speech activated, try asking questions. You'll find that they will often misunderstand what you're asking or simply won't answer at all.

AI can help in a number of fields, but at this point, it's leaning closer towards _facilitating_ menial or repetitive tasks. There are, however, some efforts towards AI helping humans to code right now. Visual Studio has a neural network package that helps you code (there's a free version of it, try it out for yourself!), and I think there are others out there in the early stages, but it seems they mostly help you create templates for generic code that you have to fill in.

In my opinion, we don't need to worry about Artificial Intelligence yet. Human-level AI may never happen. Instead, we need to worry about Artificial Stupidity -- that's very real and it's here already causing trouble.

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Satya’s Answer

Yes and No.

I can say that everyone will go back to the basics and start thinking at a different level now. Previously programming and Computer Science to the majority, was to learn a language or a tool to get started to design an application etc., But now things are different, the industry is moving towards improving the technology at the core. Some people/companies like Tesla/Amazon are doing things which are crazy.

I don't think anyone needs to worry about Job market in the future as it will only improve, if that was your concern. Having said that, anyone should be open to explore more languages, technologies and tools which may come out in the future. I, after 12 years of development am thinking to learn python and AI. I currently work on a tool, which also tries to reduce the additional coding aspect but this tool also needs to be further developed or changed, right! Who does this, a computer science guy! :)

A robot may do your chores in the future but there is always a programmer, a chip designer etc., working to improve it further!! Hope I answered your question.