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Career Questions tagged Virtual Reality

Bill’s Avatar
Bill Oct 29, 2016 753 views

Computer science

How can computer science relate to virtual reality? #computer-science #technology #gaming #virtual-reality

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 10, 2016 794 views

What is virtual reality all about?

I would like some insight about how virtual reality came to be and how it is actually set up. I had a demo on virtual reality while visiting CNBC headquarters two months ago and I really liked seeing virtual reality before my very eyes. I just want to know more information about virtual reality...

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Feb 24, 2016 847 views

How can I be able to fully immerse someone in the virtual world?

I want to create a 3D Virtual Reality World that feels exactly like the real one. I want to make it so that when you are in the virtual world, you can't move your body in real life. You can only move around in the virtual world. #virtual-reality #computer-graphics