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what difficulties did you have as a welder?

I am in job corps for welding and want to learn what some of the hardships are now so that i can prepare for them. #professional advice #career

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2 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

Some of the hardships you will endure as a welder varies. If you decide to travel with the work and have a family miles away, that can become difficult. Also, don't get discouraged if you bust a welding test, it happens to everyone. If they say they've never failed a weld test, they either haven't been welding long enough or lying. If you fail a test, find that motivation deep within to continue to practice to become better than you were yesterday. Welding is a skilled trade and you got to work for it, PRACTICE! Also, you will encounter lay offs with this type of work. That's why it's essential to network with other welders in the industry. A buddy you met on a job may get you in contact with the right individual to get you a weld test for a job when you're looking for work. It's important to help others out as well, look out and help your fellow welder!

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Jacob,

I am not a welder, but from what I've heard it has several areas that impact your body. One of those being your eye sight.