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How many hours do you find yourself working in a Hardware Engineering job? Is there excessive over time?

In terms of this job, how are the hours in your job? This is also taking into account possible over time, do you have over time that noticeably increases the amount of time you work in a week similar to those in programming? If so, why do you often find yourself working overtime so often?


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2 answers

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Mohit’s Answer

We are required to work 40 Hours a week. Our shifts are generally 9 hours in a day out of which 8 hours are for work and 1 hour for break for 5 days a week.

Overtime is something that is very subjective to the work that we do and our willingness to do it. It is not a compulsion most of the time and is left at an employees discretion.

If I am working on something very critical and has a major impact, being a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the topic, I may be expected to work a bit extra but it is not something I am forced to do.

Most of the companies understand that work-life balance is required and hence work is divided accordingly, then it is up to an individual to make their choices. My company allows me the flexibility to leave early for my personal reason and hence if I have to extend for it once in a while I do not mind and same is the case with most of my colleagues.

Companies who constantly expect you to work Overtime they even pay you extra for those additional hours as an incentive, sometimes that incentive is a driving factor for a lot of people to work additional hours.

I hope this provides the answer to your question.

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Nagaraj’s Answer

I think everyone will work as the number of hours the country or the law permits and it does not depend if he is hardware engineer or software engineer. If your question is with respect to your own business as hardware engineer such as servicing the computer hardware than you can work
as and when the customer comes and i think that wont be much stressful once you have hands on experience.