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How do I get internship

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3 answers

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Soroush’s Answer

Look up a company you're interested in working for, and check near or under the employment tab for internship opportunities. For smaller companies you can sometimes reach out to their HR department directly, tell them what you're interested in doing, why, and for how long.

Word-of-mouth is also another viable option; often you can ask parents, friends of parents, or family friends, if you can spend some time interning at their company. These are sometimes easier to get into, and less demanding, but you may also learn less than you would in a competitive internship program which has tons of applicants.

A great place to start is with your own school/institution, as they often have a binder full of internship opportunities for individuals like yourself, and this strikes a nice balance between being at least somewhat substantive and being a little easier to get into since these companies often deliberately post their internship opportunities there.

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Tina’s Answer

If you are in college I have found that a very helpful tool is to look at your college resource website because most of the time they have internship opportunities posted on the website. Also speaking to your professors could be helpful if you are looking for an internship in a particular field or area. A website I found to be very helpful is Handshake, it is a job searching and internship site where you can browse but also employers can reach out to you about positions.
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Keith’s Answer

If you are currently attending a college or university, a good way to find out about opportunities is through activities provided by the school such as career fairs and through various organizations/clubs. Often majors will have an organization that meets throughout the semester and will invite speakers from area businesses to speak at the meetings. This provides a great way to hear from professionals that may work in different roles within the area you are interested. You can also use this opportunity to personally meet the speakers and potentially make a connection for future inquiries or opportunities.

Keith recommends the following next steps:

Find out if your school's organizations have guest speakers