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what are fields for visual communication

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Prince,

Visual communication design encompasses website design and development, video production, art, illustration and graphic design. These designers create meaningful messages with compelling images for a variety of outlets. Career paths vary greatly, allowing professionals to explore a wide range of job options. It's an exciting, competitive industry where creative minds flourish in dynamic environments.

Art director
Art directors are responsible for the overall appearance of a company’s corporate identity. They conceptualize design concepts and supervise graphic designers in creating printed publications, logos, advertisements and websites.

Commercial artist
A commercial artist draws or paints images that are used in a variety of ways. The field includes jobs in interior designer, product design, illustration, police or forensics and cartoon or comic book design.

Game designer/developer
A game designer influences the look of a game. They illustrate the characters and landscapes that bring the game to life. They also weight in on sound, music and special effects. A game developer is a computer programmer who makes sure the interface and user experience runs smoothly and is free from errors.

Graphic designer
Graphic designers format text, images and other visual elements to create compelling print pieces. They also create special effects, convert photographs and drawings into digital images or manipulate graphics.

Interactive media designer
These highly skilled professionals develop multimedia web graphics, animation for electronic devices and applications for smartphones and tablets. Advertising agencies, publishing houses, design firms and universities all employ these professionals.

Museum exhibition designer
Engaging museum exhibitions display art, cultural artifacts, historical documents and/or photography. To help draw people in, exhibition designers use skills in graphic design, interior design, typography, color, user experience and illustration.


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