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Why did you pick to be a firefighter?

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2 answers

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Riley’s Answer

A great benefit to choosing this career is the dependability. With other jobs, you would have to worry about rising and fall in demand, but for firefighters, there will always be a job to do that provides a steady income. Furthermore, many jobs that have you sitting in an office 40 hours/week actually take a pretty big toll on your health; while firefighting would actually require you to stay in pretty good shape. This is not really a reason to choose this profession, but it is definitely a plus!

Riley recommends the following next steps:

Find a fire academy near you.

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Rick’s Answer

A firefighter/paramedic will have diverse works days making each day different and typically not the Monday through Friday daytime work hours. The comradery among the people you work with is like no other. Your firefighting background can lead to a variety of careers not typically thought of - fire inspection, fire and life safety education, related insurance jobs and education/training.. Additional areas such as wildland firefighting are of interest to some because of the outdoor nature of the work. Whichever firefighting role you choose, good physical fitness is important and provides you with life skills and experience that can be applied to other careers.

Rick recommends the following next steps:

Look into taking an introductory course to firefighting and emergency medical technician. They are good courses to take that may lead to other areas of interest for you