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Does the rehab vocation leaves you a great experience?

I would like a vocation that is interesting and that keep me busy all time.

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2 answers

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Vocational Rehab is a rewarding career in my opinion. You will work with a very diverse group of clients. Some may have physical disabilities. You will be busy in your career and may find it rewarding. You will meet with clients, establish a rapport, and find out how to help them reach their new career goals. First you will discover any barriers the client has to working. Then you will guide them through self assessments to reveal their career preferences. After you and the client have a good idea of what kind of position they are leaning towards, you can assist with a draft resume. After the job search is complete and your client is working, you may follow-up to see if all is well. I wish you success in your career goals!
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Rodolfo’s Answer

Best. Thing. Ever. Maybe next to being an astronaut.