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Jennifer Dzmura-Denney, MA, CCC, CPRW, ECC

Career Coaching/Resume Writing
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Saint Clair Shores, Michigan
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Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Oct 25, 2022 273 views

Info on resume?

What would anyone say is the most important thing to put in a resume and how did anyone come to writing the resume that got you the job that you have.

George’s Avatar
George May 27, 2020 748 views

How to make an resume ATS friendly?

I recently submitted my resume to, unfortunately my information did not transfer correctly. I believe the format of my resume is at fault here. What are some great tips to remind when making a resume? What are some great resources or websites that help create a resume that is ATS-...

Roseanna’s Avatar
Roseanna Aug 24, 2018 634 views

What is expected with resumes?

#resume expectations

Lazaro’s Avatar
Lazaro Jan 17, 2018 372 views

How can I be a great counselor ?

What can I do to be a great counselor ? How can I be the best counselor possible after I earn my degree ? #psychology

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota May 11, 2016 1523 views

How did you pick your career path?

I am wondering how some of you choose what you choose and why. #career #career-path #pick

khanyisa’s Avatar
khanyisa May 08, 2021 262 views



Robyn’s Avatar
Robyn May 05, 2016 1464 views

Is it hard to get writing jobs?

I love creative writing, but I don't know if there are any real career opportunities using a Creative Writing or English degree. #writing #author #writer #creative-writing #freelance-writing

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 11, 2016 1721 views

Will it be hard to find jobs in psychology related careers in the future?

I'm considering a career in psychology, but it seems that everyone else is, too. Will it be hard to find jobs with the amount of students currently going into college for psychology? #psychology #jobs

Deisy’s Avatar
Deisy Mar 10, 2021 253 views

What internships can I start for psychology?

I'm interested in psychology but I want to know where I can get started regarding possible internships for teenagers, so I can get an idea of what psychology I would like to focus on (children, teens, or adults).

#psychology #career #jobs

Vonseer’s Avatar
Vonseer Aug 15, 2018 503 views

Was it difficult to find a job after college?

I’m a Sociology Major with a minor is Psychology. I want to work either in a school with children as a counselor or as a psychologist for young adults. #psychology #guidance-counselor

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 20, 2020 921 views

What are the best ways to improve my resume?

#resume #interview

Mounia’s Avatar
Mounia Feb 26, 2017 2968 views

What are alternatives to becoming a career coach/career counselor?

I'm wondering what are similar job titles? #jobs #career-counseling #career-path

Khamari’s Avatar
Khamari Nov 13, 2020 451 views

What are the secrets behind getting to where you want to be in life?

I am a freshman and high school and I want to know what could I do to become successful in life #career #career-path #motivation #life

Lashea’s Avatar
Lashea Jul 30, 2020 408 views

When choosing a masters program for psychology, what aspect of the program should I focus on to help me decide if its a good fit?

I've been looking into a couple of graduate schools for my particular field and I've come across a lot of great ones, but need help narrowing down my search. #JULY20 #psychology

Chantay’s Avatar
Chantay Jul 30, 2020 761 views

How do you know that the career you are pursuing, is the career that you actually want to pursue?

One of my biggest fears in life, is that I’m on the wrong track and that I won’t actually find out that I’m on the wrong track, until it’s the end of the road. At the moment I’m pursuing a degree in international business, but often feel like my heart is in digital communication and/or...