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If you could start all over again, would you change your career path in any way?

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2 answers

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Audrey’s Answer

Hey Brianna,

This is a very interesting question ! From my personal experience, when I finished the University I absolutely wanted to start in Strategic Consulting. That was my absolute goal & I had a whole career planned ahead of me : I would be a strategic consultant for 3/5 in one of the top consulting firms, move abroad at some point & then get a high-level position in whatever other company.

Unfortunately, I went through a lot of interview pipelines & almost got the job I wanted at the firm I wanted but did not. It was a big failure for me & I ended up entering operational consulting in another good company but not the one I wanted. What is interesting is that I started & then quitted 8 months after because I hated it !! At that time, I found an opportunity to enter a selected program in a retail company. I never though about going to work for a company before & even less in retail. I joined & those were 6 great years through 6 different positions !!! After that I wanted to move abroad & started looking around & thanks to the people I met during those 6 year, I ended finding a job at Airbnb in Canada & today I really like what I do.

What I am trying to say is that I got a tremendous amount of opportunities since I started working & all were due to my work & the people I have met along the way. I could have never planned for it & if I had not failed at the beginning & along the way, I would not have gotten to where I am now !

So my advice for you is as followed : try to understand what matters to you & sure get an idea of where you want to be in 5 years but remain open to anything along the way & basically accept failures / mistakes because they might lead to other things unplanned.

I would not change anything to what I have done in the past & when / how I made decisions - or decisions were made upon me. You never know what comes next & I personally think that this is the most exciting way to build a career !


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Alexandra’s Answer

For me a career change equals to rediscovering who you are, your passions and following your dream, take whatever it takes to obtain what you want.

It's about constant growth, and you can change your career any time, as long as you DECIDE to do so and you are committed to take whatever it takes to turn into what you are looking for, in your dream job.

Career is a cycle, you might be passionate about something now, and your passions might change over time, to the point that you may want to change career.

Good luck and always follow your intuition!