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What advantages can I get as a software engineer?

I’m a guy who loves working when I want and loves to travel so staying in one place to work won’t suit me #engineer

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2 answers

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Byeongung’s Answer

There are more and more remote position for software engineers.


I think big advantages on this job are

  1. Higher salary
  2. Paid vacations (Also a lot of companies offer unlimited vacations)
  3. Flexible working hour and location - Also many companies offer flexible working environment such as working hour and places to work like working from home, working remotely

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Gene’s Answer

It sounds like you want to work remotely or as a freelancer! It is very likely you will find software engineering jobs in either of these categories although they are usually reserved for the best of the best since they exist without supervision but with high expectations. You will probably have to work up to it. Expect to work in the office for a few years before having the chops to work fully remotely or as a freelancer. Good luck!