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Does video producing have a stable income

I want to take multimedia in college #college

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2 answers

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Drew’s Answer

Hi there,

Being in a college film program has taught me a lot, the most important being which careers in the industry have stable incomes, and which have sort of "seasonal" incomes. Seasonal roughly meaning, only being paid when you are working on a project. Film producers are not 100% stable, but are much more stable than most positions. However, this depends on what type of producer you are. If you are a producer for a major or minor studio, your job will be much more secure than a producer who is independent and looking for scripts to make. Your position as producer is also more secure since you are technically speaking the head of the films production. If you are the primary producer, you are the leader of the film, yes the vision of the film will be left up to the director, but all decisions regarding the production will come to you. In a much shorter explanation, no position in the entertainment industry is "stable" but the role of a producer brings in a more stable income as well as a more stable work environment depending on how high in the rank of producer you are.

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Francis’s Answer

Remember that you need to look beyond income and find out what’s best for you. If you’re passionate about whatever you decide to do your outcome will provide the stable income that you want as long as you’re willing to work for it. Instability comes with the excuse of laziness.

Francis recommends the following next steps:

Get online and do as much research as possible about the field you want to get into
Go on YouTube and watch videos about a day in the life of (possible field) you want to get into
Go online and find people who you can email and call who work in that field