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What is the average degree held by Vocational Counselors?

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Carole’s Answer

Ashley, this is a great question and I think the answer will help. I am actually a Vocational/ Career Counselor and have been for many years. I started out getting a B.A. degree because I thought that I might want to be a elementary school teacher, but then after I got my degree and worked at a school I decided against it. I ended up going to a UCLA workshop for careers, in which they had several Career assessments to learn what I might want to do. It was so interesting because I was getting some feedback as to what I might want to do. The only thing that I really knew is that I wanted to help people, and I liked giving people information and suggestions. It just so happened that after I took these classes I went back to my college and checked into the Educational Psychology Courses and made an appointment to talk with the counselor. At this time the Vocational Counselor or Career Counselor was a fairly new program and I was lucky enough to get the head counselor of the program.

We talked and he asked various questions and looked up my college courses and he said that he thought I would make a great Vocational Counselor. That was all I needed to hear and off I went to take the proper courses and get going on this career. Even though I had a BA degree I had to get a certification in Career/Vocational Counseling. I was able to do about 25 units of Graduate classes and got my certification. With that said they have changed the procedure and I believe that many colleges want you to have a Master Degree now. I suggest you call around and see if that college has this program and what kind of degree you should take. Counseling is usually under the Psychology Major or Educational Psychology major. Sometimes each college categorizes the majors a little differently.

It has been a wonderful career for me and I would suggest that you do some research in the different colleges and make an appointment with a counselor that is in this career. You could also take some of those career assessments to see if you would be a good candidate for the Vocational Counselor degree.

Carole recommends the following next steps:

Suggestions: Choose a college that you want to attend and see if they have a Vocational/Career Counseling Program at that school. If not look around and find a school that has one.
Find a school that will provide some assessments to take. Also check to see what kind of degree you would get after you finished the program.
Good luck to you !! I have found if to be a wonderful and fulfilling Career.

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Subbaiah’s Answer

Vocational counselors are often referred to as a career counselors. They are specially trained professionals who focus their services on helping clients/students with the process of making career decisions, choosing a career training program and developing the necessary skills to get the desired job.
According to me average degree held by vocational counselor is bachelor's degree. With that you need all other soft skills of talking to people, your convincing skills, maintaining patience along the session.