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What is a day like in your job and do you enjoy what you do? What do you not enjoy?

I'm a job corps student looking to become a union carpenter and would like to know what I should do to be the employee the union wants. #construction #carpentry

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2 answers

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Darlene’s Answer

As a union carpenter, I spend most of my day building things. I do many things from wood and metal framing to finish work such as trim work and installing cabinets and countertops. The great thing about being union is good pay and benefits that travel with you from company to company. It is heavy work and you can't be afraid to get your hands dirty, but it is really cool building stuff and you get a great sense of pride from what you do. You do have to have tough skin for any job in the construction industry. I have seen the culture lighten up slightly over the years, especially with more harassment laws in place, but it can still be harsh. The trick is learning how to handle it and not take it personally. If you can do that, you will find a lot of satisfaction in working with your hands.
The things I like the least - port-o-potties, being treated different because I am a woman, and how immature a group of guys can be.

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Robert’s Answer

I am a Job Corps Graduate from 1977 I have worked in the concrete field most of my adult life Be punctual, take any job the union sends you out for this makes you the go to guy. Always be willing to lend a hand to your fellow worker as long as it doesn't interfere with your work responsibilities and progress Learn everything you can in the Carpentry field and the overall construction field Make yourself indispensable to your employer

Robert recommends the following next steps:

Keep up with technology learn things like Cad, Word, Spread sheets, Learn best practices in safety and live by them If opportunity presents itself become an OSHA trainer