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how to get paid more

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Ashley’s Answer


Hi Sebastian.

Can you give us some additional information on what kind of career you are interested in? Getting a paycheck is critical for us to meet our expected standard of living. Every career has some nuance around what elements will result in regular promotions and increased salary.

However, in most cases there are key elements which result in increased pay. An employer will pay more when you are more valuable to them. That could be for a lot of different reason, but generally comes down to Experience and Education/Training. Whether that's as a mechanic or a doctor - the more experience you have, the more training, and the more certifications, the more valuable you are to your employer.

When I started out in my career I had a college degree, but my experience as a receptionist got me in the door to a manufacturing company as their receptionist (my degree was in Zoology, so not related to what they did at all). I got my first promotion into a new position after I showed commitment to help with a project outside of my role . As I consistently demonstrated competence and the willingness to learn new things and help across the organization, I received consistent raises and spot bonuses. Additionally, I was able to keep learning new things and growing. As I learned more and my value grew, I became more critical to the operations of the company and that resulted in significant pay increases.

Good luck!

Ashley recommends the following next steps:

  • Determine a couple of career paths that are interesting to you.
  • Ask a mentor or do some research on line to understand what the base starting salary is in your market or region.
  • Talk to someone about the different promotion paths that are available and what experience or education results in increased salary or bonus potential.