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Should I do an Elementary Education Major with a Spanish Minor or Spanish Major with a Secondary Education Minor??

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I am a sophomore student-athlete in college and I am currently confused and don't know what to do. I am fluent in Spanish since that is my first language but I am not sure what is best out there in the teaching world with what will I have more opportunities and earn more. Any advice is really appreciated.
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3 answers

Lindsay’s Answer


Hey Sydney! Good question. Trying to figure out majors/minors in college is hard- there's so many options and it feels like a lot of pressure to pick the "right" one. My best advice here: to be totally honest with you, in my experience, employers are less worried about your specific majors and minors, and more concerned with your actual skill set. So, if you are interested in Elementary Education, and you're already fluent in Spanish, make E.E. your major and Spanish your minor! Think about it this way: either direction you go, you will still be able to fluently speak Spanish. You can even pick something else entirely to minor in, like something you're completely unfamiliar with and want to learn about. Whatever you do, make sure you are passionate about it. Don't be afraid to go back to school, too! If you become a teacher in one area and then learn about a new area of teaching that interests you, it is absolutely okay to take courses or enroll in a Masters program to learn more. Hope this helps!

Tracy’s Answer


As a former Transfer Counselor at a junior 2-year college here in New Jersey, my suggestions are to speak to a Counselor in the Career Resource Center and speak to the Transfer Counselor if there is one available at your college.

Next, visit the Education Department and speak to the Counselors there for advice.

Make sure to visit the library and do your own research based on your career goals and aspirations for when you complete your college endeavors.

Hope this helps and all my best to you on your decision.

Tracy recommends the following next steps:

  • Visit your Career Resource Center, speak with a Transfer Counselor there and visit the Education Department for the best advice and direction for your questions. All my best to you on your ultimate decision.

Angel Luis’s Answer


Good afternoon. I would consider doing a search on which localities are in high demand for elementary school teachers with fluency in Spanish. I am thinking about cities that have a high percentage of Latino students in their school districts. Look at NYC, California, Texas, Florida. Also, conduct an informational interview with someone who is already doing the job that you are interested in seeking.

Angel Luis recommends the following next steps:

  • Consider joining a professional association. They have a yearly membership fee but offer discounts for students who want to become members. You can go to www.weddles.com to access professional associations that cater to educational professionals.