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Want phd in hospital management

Optometrist #community-management

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Jessica’s Answer

Eisha, I am going to give you advise I wish I listened to my parents on. If you are really interested in this area keep moving your education forward as far as you can while you are young. Getting a PHD does require a lot of energy focus and work experience so make sure you can see yourself doing it go for it! If you are not sure what are to focus in medical, get your general MD and you can pivot into another area. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it or bring you down. If you have the interest and dream of having a PHD now, it will not go away and you will always wonder if you should have gotten it. Whether it is Optometry or medical management, it is usually a career for the long run so start young and go fast as you can go.

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Mike’s Answer

Hi Eisha! I love your enthusiasm! Doctors like optometrists are critical for people everywhere. You should start by visiting and helping your local doctors and nurses, and see where they studied and how they got to where they are. Is there a health center near you?

Hospital management is different challenge, since that's all about helping organize hospitals - figuring out how many doctors and nurses you need, how much medicine and supplies to buy, how much to pay your employees, etc. It's less about helping people directly and more about building the facilities to help people. Both roles are critical!

You will need skills in math, language arts, science...all the tough classes you might have. Challenge yourself, and go talk to the people at your local hospitals! Good luck!