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Eisha K. Oct 25, 2019 112 views

Want phd in hospital management



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Madelyn D. Nov 14, 2019 154 views

What career fits with my interests?

Hi, i’m in 11th grade. One of my main interests is computer editing. I enjoy video editing with adobe after effects and making 3D objects with Element 3D. I like using my mind to make up new transitions. I also enjoy math and I like technology overall. #technology #career...


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jarred F. Nov 14, 2019 106 views

What mechanic Would be the easiest to do daily?

I like a job that is quick but it is fulfilling and makes you feel proud to be done. #engineering #business #career #entrepreneur #engineer...

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Alonso M. Nov 19, 2019 82 views

What interests you most about cars?

I would especially like to know more about the engines....


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Pasats T. Nov 24, 2019 139 views

what inspired you to become and auto body mechanic?

I'm 16 years old and I always wanted to work on cars as an actual career but I'm not sure if I want to pursue this in the future....


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jordan G. Dec 02, 2019 97 views

what do i have to do to become in eletrical

what do I need to become an electrical...


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Justin S. Dec 02, 2019 120 views

what does Aerospace Engineering intel?

What will I need to do to get into aerospace engineering #aerospace #engineering...


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Alysa G. Dec 04, 2019 112 views

1.how long i can be in the trade? 2.how much hours i can work for business? 3.what is important for me to know before inter the trade?

My name is Alysa from yap..i want to take the business trade because for me i like math mostly..i love counting and deal with mathematics.. #business #math...


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Steven E. Dec 04, 2019 149 views

what kind of problems happen often? do you like your job? what is the daily tasks?

Im 18 years old. Im from Yap and I am in job corps for auto mechanics. #engineering #job-search...