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Do anyone have opportunity for Entry level Biomedical Engineer?

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3 answers

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Lama’s Answer

I think that linkedin is the best way to find job these days.

Lama recommends the following next steps:

Create account on linkedin.
Send message to HR at the company you interested to work with.
Check jobs alerts

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Rickey’s Answer

Hi Suraj,

In addition to, is a great resource for finding entry level positions.

I've found from my own experiences that if you can reach out to a few people in the company your interested in, they'll often respond back and this can lead to interviews if you meet their requirements.

Also check out which was a site my college advisor made me aware of that has great job opportunities on it as well.

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Mike’s Answer

Hi Suraj, check for opportunities that meet your requirements. It's a good site that pulls together lots of requisitions from many employers.