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Sam P. Dec 27, 2017 493 views

Which major should I study in a university if I want to work in cosmetics engineering company?

I’m not sure which one should I choose between chemical engineering and biomedical engineering. I have the ambition to make my own cosmetic engineering company. Which engineering major is the best to take for the one who wants to work in a cosmetics engineering company?#chemical-engineering...

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Abby W. Jan 10, 2018 247 views

How much education is needed to become a biomedical engineer?

Are there any specialty schools and how long does this education take?...


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Kristen O. Jan 17, 2018 2057 views

What industry areas of Biomedical Engineering are the best for recent college graduates hoping to pursue a lifelong career in biomedical product engineering?

I am hoping to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering. Since this field is so broad and full of various areas of concentration, I want to know what areas professionals think are the best to begin with. What areas will help those new to industry narrow down their interests and applicable...

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