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Can you pursue prosthesis under a biomechanics and a biomedical engineering degree?

Asked Olympia, Washington

I am interested in the relationship between biomechanical and a biomedical engineering program and how they contrast. #engineering #biomedical-engineering #biomedical #biomedical-engineer #biomechanics

3 answers

Nick’s Answer

Updated Mountain View, California

If you want to work on prostheses I would recommend you look into a straight mechanical engineering degree with elective courses and projects in bio/anatomy/medical devices. You will have a much stronger foundation of the mechanical engineering skills needed in device design/production. Most biomedical engineering programs only very lightly touch mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering, and tend to skew more chemical. "Biomechanics", in my experience, typically refers more to human movement (kinesiology) rather than "mechanical" biomedical devices.

uday’s Answer

Updated Arlington, Texas

Yes. Some of the Universities which have biomedical program have a biomechanical specialization where they deal with prosthetics. It is advised to check for the research in the department home page of the University list which you are trying to get in. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Luis "Lou"’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida

Yes, but read the curriculum. Some schools biomedical engineering programs are more chemistry and biology oriented than mechanical.