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I want to Become a pediatrician Doctor

Well I am still in high school & I have 2 more year’s in high school When I’m done with high school I want to become a Doctor but I don’t know if they have school in Jacksonville Fl that help kids with no money for College... #college #pediatrician

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2 answers

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Candice’s Answer

The college process is more than just finding the right school. You will also need to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) to determine what Federal, State and Institutional Aid you would be eligible. In addition to the FAFSA, you will want to look and see what scholarships are offered both by the schools you are wanting to attend but other business or community entities. In regards to all scholarships stay up with their deadlines and requirements to apply. You will want to keep a notebook and calendar handy so you can keep track of these.

Also if you have a part-time job you may want to see if they have any scholarship opportunities. The same is true about your parents employment as well. See if they have scholarship opportunities as well.

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Greg’s Answer

Focus on your grades and study for the SAT. There are websites that have grants you can apply for. You have to write letters to them but you can get part of your tuition paid for with Grants. It is best to go to school in your state so you can get in-state tuition, much cheaper. There are also sites for scholarships you can apply for. Dont give up!!