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what is the salary of a Mobile App Developer ?


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2 answers

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Brittany’s Answer

Salary is different for any job depending on where you live. I see that you are in Connecticut, the salary range for a Mobile App Developer in your state is $74.6-121K.

Glass door is a really good site to tell you the average salary of any career. You can even search how much the same job pays in a different location, which is helpful if you are open to moving.

Take a look at the low ends as well, it is a possibility that at the beginning of your career, you will make what's on the low end until you gain more experience in your field.,13_IC1148443_KO14,31.htm

Brittany recommends the following next steps:

Use link to view job's salary on glassdoor. (Or google search: salary for mobile app developer in connecticut)

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Jacinta’s Answer

I agree with above that based on your experience, the salary can vary widely. In addition, you might also consider whether you want to specialize in a certain aspect, for example UX designer. You may also just want to start your own app and monetize it that way.