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what colleges are good to go to got computer programming?

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2 answers

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Doug’s Answer

Additionally, you can find many articles that will give you rankings on the top schools for computer science. Going to a top school will tend to give you better initial opportunities right out of school since large companies do tend to target those schools with more recruiting effort. That said, I've seen great software engineers come from all sorts of schools (many did not have computer science degrees, they were just passionate about computers and technology), so at the end of the day you'll get out of it what you put into it regardless of the school.


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Mr.’s Answer

Julionna C,

There are various colleges that offer programs and majors in computer programming. Standford University, University of California and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are among the elite institutions for that. I would recommend that you start building a rapport with certain staff members, alumni and current students to get a better understanding of the system of their college. Go and and learn how to accomplish specific computer tasks and be successful at it. Feel free to ask any questions. I wish you the best.