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Nolan C. Sep 06, 2019 210 views

How difficult is it to find an entry-level job as a Computer Engineering major fresh out of college?

I'm currently a senior in High School who just got accepted to the University of Texas SA, and I'm wondering about the ability for new engineers in this field to get jobs out of University. I had heard before that it's extremely difficult to attain a job at major companies without first...

#job-search #computer #college #engineering

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Brenden S. Sep 16, 2019 243 views

I would like to know if coding could be done at home (basically, a stay at home job)

I am Brenden. I am in 8th grade & I am very intrigued by coding whatever the circumstance whether it's for a website or a smart program. #coding...


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Yves P. Oct 16, 2019 296 views
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paola B. Nov 08, 2019 225 views

what skills do you need to be a cloud engineer ?

what do i have to study or know to become a cloud engineer. #software...


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Julionna C. Nov 08, 2019 117 views