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Can you tell me about the journey of becoming a pilot

I am a goal getter,talketive ,energetic ,focused ,l love challenges #pilot #airline-industry

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3 answers

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Sara’s Answer

Two different paths are possible one can become an officer in the military and being eligible for flight training
I obtained my commercial license by doing flight training through private instructors.
Some colleges have programs you can become a commercial pilot

Sara recommends the following next steps:

Go for an introductory flight test at a training facility

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Hrishikesh’s Answer

I don't know specifics about becoming a pilot in South Africa, but in general terms -- you need to get your "private pilot" certification, a "commercial pilot" certification and an instrument rating. The "commercial pilot" certificate allows you to be employed as a pilot and (I believe) most ICAO countries require 250 hours of total flying time, with various subsets in specific categories. Depending on SA aviation laws, flight time accrued in one type (e.g. gliders) may count partially or fully towards the total time requirement. In most cases, you need to pay for the training till you get your commercial license/certificate, which can cost a pretty penny (though scholarships may exist).

Another way of getting your pilot ratings is via the military route, but the general advice I've heard on the subject is to join the military because you want to join the military (and getting your pilot ratings is a bonus), not the other way around, otherwise you'll have a bad time.

The best thing you can do is to call at nearby flight training facilities and ask them for information about what the process, time and expense would be. If there are glider flying clubs near you, the pilots there would be a great resource to connect with as well.

Hrishikesh recommends the following next steps:

Get information about flight training from a local flight training facility (aka flight school)
Talk to pilots (or students) at a local flight training facility or glider club

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Sharmistha’s Answer

You need to take flight lesson from private instructor. They help you with training, licensing. I know this from a friend who recently got the license. It is very expensive though. Good luck!