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what it will be like to watch players and how they work

i like sports and anything that keeps my brain involved such as #physical sports,
#motion, #athletes.

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2 answers

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Dennis’s Answer

Joseph - Sports are a great outlet in life - With some it is Life! Stay close to the Sport(s) that you love and ramp up the work ethic in it as it will transition into the Academics for School, High School and College and visa versa!

Sports are great life lessons as well -

Played Football since 7yrs old right through College and even when in College - found a nice balance between the Classroom and Football Field!
Great Combination - Good Luck!

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Sathish’s Answer

Hi, try to choose which sports your more interested to play. Start from today, be prepare physically and mentally, if your good in time management spend daily 2 hours in that sports. Keep the sport as your passion and don't give up. If you failed, don't lose your hope. Keep trying on it until you achieve your goal.