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Are you happy with the career you study?

Hello, I don't know if you see this day or night but thank you for watch my question, I just wanted to ask you something, it's a small question that can help me for my path to my career, I hope and the answer, luck #career #college #job

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4 answers

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Angela D.’s Answer

Hey You! Greetings! This is a great question. Okay, things have evolved these days. You may change jobs/careers a few times. You might want to decide on what is your core interest. Do you like science, math, English, etc.? I come from a people/family that gives back, so we are teachers, mentors, etc. I may be more of a scientist, statistician, educational psychologist...but that doesn't mean that I'm no less of a teacher or mentor. Embrace your skills and abilities. You'll find your way. Another good resource is your school counselor and other teacher/mentors. There are tests that you can take through your school that can match you to jobs/careers/etc. Just so you know...college isn't always the best way...you can get a certificate and have a great career as an electrician, plumber, mechanic, etc. Also consider the medical field if that interests you...x-ray and MRI etc. technicians and Phlebotmists have satisfying careers. I recommend shadowing someone who has a career that interests you. "Shadowing" is where that mentor lets you see how part of their day goes, and you're able to ask them questions (kind of like interviewing). Be brave! Best, Dr. B

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Kana’s Answer

Hello! I studied economics and am now in sales so whenever they say that your major doesn't really dictate your career, it's true!
Study what you want to. Pick a job you want to. The rest will follow.

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Pii’s Answer

Hi David,

I studied Business and Management at University, and overall I am very happy for my choice of study. Business degree at Bachelor's level is very broad, which allowed me to figure out the more specific details on the industry I wanted to join whilst I was studying.
This was great for me as in the beginning of my studies I did not know what industry I would like to work in or even what are of business I would like to focus on.

However now that I am settled to a career in the technology sector, I do from time to time find myself hoping I would have done a degree such as Business and Computer Science or Business and IT. But there is no reason why I couldn't do such degree in the future.

In short, I do not regret anything, but had I known I wanted to work in technology when I started my studies I would have made sure I integrated that better to my degree.

I hope this helps :)
Many Thanks,

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Aakash’s Answer

Hi David,

I got my bachelor's degree in Business Management. It's great because you get the opportunity to learn multiple disciplines within Business (Accounting, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Strategy, etc.) and then, based on your interests, you can focus on a discipline in your final two years of college. I happened to focus on Operations but I learned through my internships that Operations was not that great in the real world. So in my final year of college, I focused on taking technology classes which allowed me to get a job in IT when I graduated. I have now been in the IT world more than five years and do not have plans to change. I love it and I do not regret what I studied. It has helped me greatly advance my career and I would not be where I am without it.

My recommendation would be to not worry too much about what you will study in college. As you grow up and experience life, you will change, your interests will change and your passion will change. A degree will not define who you are or what you do :)