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CareerVillage Office Hours Apr 19, 2021 2053 views

How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

Office Hours #4: AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Mark Eagle This question was posed by a question during one of our most recent "CareerVillage Office Hours" sessions. During Office Hours sessions, we invite students to pose questions related to a specific topic. In this case, the topic was...

Jadaya’s Avatar
Jadaya Mar 15, 2021 1007 views

What are some online volunteering opportunities that I can participate in?

I'm currently a sophomore who is trying to get prepared for college. #college #Volunteer

Damen’s Avatar
Damen Sep 16, 2020 888 views

How can a poor family possibly afford collage

I'm a 17 year old poor Caucasian male who comes from a poor family. I'm trying to go to college but I didn't start think about it till this summer and don't really have the money for it. #College #broke #poor #help #Computerscience

makayla’s Avatar
makayla Sep 04, 2020 679 views

whats the best school to get my teaching education

i want to become like a kindergarten teacher or a pre school teacher, but i just don't know what school i want to go to. All i know is i want to go to one of the best, and i want some advice.
#teacher #school #college

Zemira’s Avatar
Zemira Aug 20, 2020 593 views

One of my concerns is not having my college essays stand out and them being mediocre. Do you have any suggestions or tips?

#college #university #student

Zemira’s Avatar
Zemira Aug 19, 2020 514 views

What are good extracirriculars to participate in to put on a college application/resume?

#scholarships #college #university

Zemira’s Avatar
Zemira Aug 19, 2020 783 views

What are some studying tips that you may recommend? For highschool, college, med. school, etc.?

#school #medical-school #college #study

Bao-Truc’s Avatar
Bao-Truc Aug 01, 2020 897 views

What are your best study habit tips to give for future college students?

I struggle with staying focused and getting my assignments done for school. Not only that, but I also get easily distracted and end up eating and going on my phone for many hours instead of doing my homework. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give me tips on what YOU do to study and on...

Aldair’s Avatar
Aldair Jul 31, 2020 1312 views

How much time should I realistically spend studying in college?

Im going into college next year (2021) and right now during high school I don't spend a large amount of time studying. I wanted to know so I could start changing my habits during my last year of Highschool. #general #JULY20 #studying

RACH’s Avatar
RACH Jul 31, 2020 591 views

How do i go about selecting colleges? i want to possibly double major in psych and political science

my gpa is around 3.5 (CIE) but i am aiming to get a higher score in my SATs so that it balances out. Im an American citizen studying in highschool in Nepal. What tier of colleges should i aim for?

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jul 29, 2020 562 views

Should I do 2 years of community college instead of going straight to a 4 year?

I was wondering if it was worth it going straight into a 4 year if I have the ability to go to community college. I don’t have funds for a 4 year university, but I am also afraid I won’t be as competitive wants I apply to medical school one day. I am just not sure what option is better....

Aleksandra’s Avatar
Aleksandra Jul 29, 2020 783 views

When do I begin studying for the MCAT?

I just finished my first year as an undergraduate student. I'm majoring in biochemistry and minoring in psychology. I know these two fields are very helpful for the MCAT. (I am very interested in those fields as well, so it was not the only reason I chose them.) When did you begin studying for...

Tricia’s Avatar
Tricia Jul 29, 2020 1211 views

What are some study tips to improve your SAT score?

#junior #highschool #JULY20 #college #help

Nishk’s Avatar
Nishk Jul 17, 2020 557 views

Due to corona, what would be the best extra circulars for me to participate in right now?

#college #pre-med #JULY20

Carolina’s Avatar
Carolina Jul 17, 2020 579 views

How do you build your resume during a pandemic?

I’m returning back to school in August, but I’m not sure how to stay involved with my community while also staying safe. As a hypochondriac, I fear contracting the virus, but I feel that it’s important to engage with clubs and activities in college. I want to gain as much experience and...