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Daytona Beach, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
reed’s Avatar
reed Oct 31 69 views

How do i make the world better place?

i feel like because of human activity it made the world worse and i hope it gets better soon and we should care about the environment more.

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Oct 28 116 views

Jobs for highschoolers?

What are the best jobs for a highschooler student that has good hours and good pay.

Simon’s Avatar
Simon Oct 18 142 views

What is the requirements for med school?


Makyla’s Avatar
Makyla Oct 01 88 views

Why are colleges so different ?

I don't know what to put

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Sep 16 78 views

How much is the minimum wage for childcare ?

I’m currently looking for a job in childcare for a preschool and is wondering if you have to have a degree or not. I’m also wondering how much the minimum wage is for childcare

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah Jul 29 95 views

How can you succeed in college?

So, I am going into a nursing career, and I am doing pre-nursing classes, I am just wondering how to stay focused in class and how to succeed in college.

Isabell’s Avatar
Isabell Jul 27 91 views

How do I figure out what job in the medical field would best suit me?

I’ve been interested in pediatrics, or dentistry, but I’m not sure. There are a lot of medical careers out there. I want to make sure I’m making the right choice.

christiana’s Avatar
christiana Jul 22 77 views

What do employers look for when hiring teens?

When I go to apply for a job I have difficulty trying to pander to employers, especially because of my lack of work experience.

Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Jun 12 89 views

What is the hardest part of choosing a college to attend when you’re unsure of your major #spring23?

This information is beneficial to me because I am currently beginning to look into colleges and am struggling to decide one because I’m not fully set on a major. #spring23

Samara’s Avatar
Samara May 21 130 views

What is it like to be a 911 communicator?

What is it like to be a 911 dispatcher?

kaleb’s Avatar
kaleb Mar 23 267 views

what is a description of your career cluster?

?what is a carrer

Armon’s Avatar
Armon Feb 11 203 views

guide for a polo sci major?

How can I use a job/internship to help me gain experience for the political science/soft science world? What are some opportunities that could help me on this journey?

dalten’s Avatar
dalten Oct 29, 2019 326 views

what level of education do i need for urban forestry

#urban forestry

dalten’s Avatar
dalten Oct 29, 2019 376 views

i want to know if there is a good union in my career #urban forestry

#urban forestry

Brenna’s Avatar
Brenna May 18, 2019 576 views

How much does your undergrad school really matter?

I have heard lots of things about undergrad not really mattering in the long run (I plan on continuing to get a law degree or some other form of Masters degree). Some say it is more worth it to stay local and get in-state tuition at public universities (in Florida they are all very good), but...

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