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Los Angeles, California
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I aspire to initially become a registered nurse and transition into a nurse practitioner role.



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Tricia Sep 27, 2020 352 views

Do you recommend obtaining an ADN then a BSN or going for the BSN straightaway?

#registered #nurse #nursing #highschool #college

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Tricia Jul 29, 2020 906 views

What are some study tips to improve your SAT score?

#junior #highschool #JULY20 #college #help

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Tricia Jul 29, 2020 424 views

How can I become a CNA before I begin nursing school?

#highschoolstudent #certifiednursingassistant #nursing #JULY20

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Tricia May 14, 2020 674 views

What should high schoolers be doing right now in order to get accepting into nursing school?

Hello, I'm an upcoming junior in high school looking to better my chances at attaining a career in #nursing .