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How competitive is college for someone interested in becoming a surgeon? #Medical #Surgeon

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Junior interested in becoming a surgeon. #surgeon #doctor

It's very competitive. In order to be accepted into medical school you must have excellent grades in advanced work in several related subjects. While I am not an expert in medical schools, I believe the competition to become a surgeon is particularily tough. Lucy Robins

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The path to becoming a surgeon involves many steps. First, in high school, make sure you get a great foundation in chemistry, math, and biology. For college, a good Pre-Med program will start you on the right path - look for an undergraduate school that has a hospital affiliation - and make sure you've got all the anatomy, biology, and chemistry that the program provides. MCATs are the next step: they are the SAT equivalent for applications to Med School. Again, look for a med school with a hospital affiliation, where you will get experience in a variety of medicine disciplines, so you can learn which areas you're most suited for and enjoy the most. After med school, a Residency program will take you to a hospital where you will begin to specialize into the area you would like to work in most. And to truly move into surgery, a post-residency Fellowship will allow you to hone your skills in the kind of surgery you would like to specialize in. If you want to get even MORE specialized, there are often options for post-fellowship programs . But --- start out with the basic languages of science (chemistry, math) and work your way there. You'll get there! It's a long road, but if you love medicine, it'll be worth it all!