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What preparation do you suggest before and in college to better yourself for the job?

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4 answers

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Hasibe’s Answer

Being versatile is an important point at college, to be able to see various things and aspects. This will help you to look at the things more analytically, but also support you in your decisions going fwd.. So it's not only about lessons, but joining to the clubs, participating in social activities, expand or even challenge yourself with different areas, have a wide network... Don't hesitate to jump in and learn new things, neither in the colleague nor in your professional life.

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Melisa’s Answer

Hi Chase.

While I am not a programmer, I wanted to share some things I feel can be valuable, no matter what your job is. These are qualities that I feel have helped me in my own career path:

1. Be reliable. Show up to work, deliver on your commitments and even go above and beyond to deliver results.

2. Be a strong collaborator. Contribute to your team and the company you represent. Add value every chance you get.

3. Increase your network of connections. Whether it’s your peers, customers, mentors and advocates who can help you achieve your goals.

4. Education: Be a life-long learner. Always look for ways to increase your education and improve your skills in your field. Never stop learning and reach out to others for help and feedback.

Best wishes in your future goals!

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

Keep asking great questions like this. The more you seek advice, the more knowledge and information you’ll receive from others.
Seek a mentor or advocate in your field who can help guide you.
Search online for free resources, like technical trade videos or training that can help you improve your skills. Check out www.udacity.com for some great online courses and free trials or samples of what these look like.
Celebrate your achievements. When you learn something new or achieve a milestone – take time to celebrate and thank others who have helped you.

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Valerie’s Answer

I have always felt that being a well-rounded person has provided me with a strong foundation to be more analytical and objective while I was in college and now in the workplace. I feel it provided me with the ability to see things from different angles which has helped me in many ways.

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Rafael’s Answer

Get an internship on what you are studying and try to get a job in a company where even if you don't land where you want you can move up.