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How do I score high marks in the CET (Common Entrance Test)

Im currently studying for the CET and could use some study tips to score high marks.
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2 answers

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Debra’s Answer

Studying for any standardized formal assessment/test can be stress full. And what "works" for one student may not work for another. You probably have some study skills you have developed that work for you. Continue to do what has worked for you in the past. In addition, look into available "pre-tests" or practice tests that may be available. I'm a big fan of taking notes - but taking notes in a particular way. Try reading some content ... and then put the reading material away and simply sit down with a piece of paper and a pen/pencil - or type if you prefer - but write down the information you remember reading in your own words. This is important. Writing content in your own words - paraphrasing content - takes comprehension and understanding. A 5th grader can "copy" what they see in a textbook or on the screen word-for-word...but putting content in your own words is a higher level cognitive skill. It requires comprehension. This type of note-taking can also help with recall of information and can help you understand test questions no matter how they are worded or asked. Another good study activity is to come up with your own examples for concepts you are learning. This also aids in comprehension as you applying what you're learning versus just memorizing something. Application of new content takes more comprehension as well. I'm also a big fan of finding a study partner. You can ask each other question, help each other understand different content based on individual strengths and weaknesses, and make flash cards for each other.

Some students like the idea of a tutor to help them prepare for a high stakes test like this or even taking some kind of test-prep course or seminar. You may want to check on the availability of those type of services as well. Best of luck!

Debra recommends the following next steps:

Talk with someone who has taken the exams you will be taking. Get their opinions and ideas. But remember - what works for one person may not be what works for someone else.
Check out available study guides, curriculum syllabi and quizzes and pre-tests: https://study.com/academy/course/common-entrance-test-cet-study-guide-syllabus.html

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marwa’s Answer

I should never set myself up first by paying attention to my outward appearance
It is suitable for the place that will be presented and the nature of the job and study it well before going and work proofs preparation for a modern and modern way of using the body language and simple smile and reply only in the case of guidance and show respect for the audience