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what is the hardest part of construction

I am in job corps looking in to construction and want to know what is the hardest part #construction

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3 answers

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Juan’s Answer

You have to stay focused, motivated, organized while being a team player, a quick problem solver, and a go getter. Staying positive, going above and beyond, making good connections and setting a good example. Taking the bad and the good. Always looking for ways to learn and improve yourself. Deal with the sun, rain, snow, travel at tines, lay offs at tines, time in between jobs. You have to understand everybody is different, everybody reacts different, everybody acts and treats people differently, everybody has issues. Its easy to say, but 200, 500, 1000 or 2000+ people on a job at the same time can be tough. Especially when they are all trying to leave the parking lot at the same time after work. Above all else you have to think, work and act safe, all day every day for your self and for your team members.

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Ruel’s Answer

The hardest part about construction is overcoming certain characteristics many of my generation and the generations after, have come accustom to. Laziness, selfishness, and entitlement are the hardest things about any job, especially in construction.
Most construction jobs have you up before dawn, take your weekends, work under the sun, in the rain, and extended hours. You work in some environments where teamwork is rare, favoritism is shown, and sometimes we view ourselves more then my fellow man.
Make and force yourself to go the extra mile each day, and you’ll lay your head at the end of the day feeling accomplished.

Ruel recommends the following next steps:

Force yourself to wake up early and show up more then 15 mins before work starts.
Show integrity with your work.
Always lend a hand.
Go to work for the first 3-6 months not expecting anything but your paycheck
Last, find humor in things you do.

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John’s Answer

It’s flat out hard work. They say you can work with your back or your brains, and construction is definitely with the back. But if you also use your brains and are a hard worker you can advance to skilled positions, sometimes quickly sometimes it takes a while. But if your a hard worker who can follow instructions will do good!