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where is this work takes place

I am a high school student who currently study in Western Canada. I got a lot of free time which makes it possible to help others. I play soccer at the weekend and is crazy about reading books. #sports #student

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3 answers

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Candace’s Answer

I suggest a couple things:
1) if you like soccer and also like working with kids you can volunteer at a local city soccer league or primary school league. Go online, Google "city soccer leagues for kids" and see what you find. Email the folks in charge and tell them you want to help.
2) If you love to read, local libraries are usually looking for volunteers to read to small children. They even have programs to help teach adults how to read. Hospitals are also a great place to read to children or older adults.
3) Google is your friend, type in "volunteer opportunities near me" or "volunteer opportunities in (your cities name)". Add key words like teen, soccer, reading and see what comes up.
4) Last, tell people around you. Everyone has a network. Tell your teachers, friends, friends parents and ask them if they know of any opportunities.

Good luck!

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Erik’s Answer

When your porsuit brings happiness and good results in your life, you could become a life coach and a leader who helps other find their ways of achieving a rewarding life style.

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Thomas’s Answer

I suggest helping other out by volunteering for non-profit organization that matches your interest such as helping to lead sports team at YMCA. I am not sure what's similar in Canada.