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How do I become a teacher in NYS?

I am a certified K-12 art teacher with a background in ESL. I can teach in VA and FL. However, transferring my degree to NY seems difficult with the edTPA. I am not currently in charge of a class in my field but only a substitute TA. I will soon be a substitute teacher. #education #teacher #teaching

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5 answers

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Janet’s Answer

To find out how to get a license to teach in New York State, go to

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Darcy’s Answer

Contact the State credentialing department and get pre-reviewed. Also contact a large school district so they may do a credential review. Many larger school districts can submit requests for you especially for areas of exceptional needs.

Warmest regards!

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Patricia’s Answer

Susan, NYC has reciprocity with various states in regards to teaching licenses. In other words, they accept certain credentials and certain college degrees -- but not all. This info may help you. I copied it from a website: "New York offers teachers from out-of-state to use their previous experience, education and licensure to apply for similar licensure in the state of New York. To learn more about necessary requirements and materials that must be submitted with your application in order to acquire a New York teaching certification, explore the New York State Education Department Office of Teaching Initiatives website, or call (518) 474-3901." The website was
You can also try for help with this OR if you are now living in NYC, it might be helpful to simply visit the NYCDOE office in Brooklyn at 65 Court Street. There you would get more specific, direct guidance.

Patricia, thank you for the info. But I believe it is outdated. With the EdTPA in effect, I believe I need to take and pass it. I have reciprocal teaching with Florida because of being certified in VA, but NY seems to be a lot more difficult with this EdTPA. Susan E.

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Patricia R.’s Answer

Besides the other answers you've already received, you could also check the New York state education website at

Look for their section that handles teacher education and/or certification; I'm sure there's a lot of information that can answer your questions. The links they offer to post-secondary education will also help you find where you can take courses, and what the tuition costs will be.

The NYSED can also guide you to schools that are hiring.

Good luck!

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Joan’s Answer

Thanks for your question. While I don't teach in New York, I have taught many years in Pennsylvania.

Each state has there own requirements as to what the qualifications their teachers must have. You are seeing that now because you where issued and certificate in VA/FL. To get a teaching certificate in New York you are going to have to contact their education department (State agency) and tell them that you currently have your Art Teaching Certificate in VA/FL and then ask what other courses does New York offer that would allow you to become certified there. most likely you will need to take one to five credits for them to issue a certificate to also teach in New York.

That's why the first thing you need to do is to call the state education office and ask what you have to do to get the certificate from New York. Or you could ask for a temporary certificate on the premise that you are taking the required courses they want you to have to become a teacher in New York. Good luck! This is a very rewarding career. Good luck!!

Joan Coughey
6th Grade Literature