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Darcy Calvillo, Ed.D, MBA

Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Community and Social Service Occupations
Orange, California
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Jas’s Avatar
Jas Apr 25, 2020 648 views

Should I consider pharmacy or dentistry here in the uk?

I understand dentistry definitely pays more but would pharmacy also pay decent enough to live a comfortable life and also be able to spend on holidays and family as an example or is just a lot of education for rough pay? Because here in the uk it takes the same amount of time to do both degrees...

Puteri Nabila’s Avatar
Puteri Nabila Mar 18, 2020 581 views

Can I take the Master Education in Harvard Univeristy, when I have Environmental Engineering as my bachelor degree?

Hello, My name is Nabila. I am in USA now to attend a student exchange program. I really love both environment and education fields. My big goal is to work in the United Nations someday. #education #college #environment #engineering #environmental-engineering

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Mar 02, 2020 432 views

what is companies or industries do you think i should target ?

I am looking for more information. #business

Susan’s Avatar
Susan Jan 27, 2020 975 views

How do I become a teacher in NYS?

I am a certified K-12 art teacher with a background in ESL. I can teach in VA and FL. However, transferring my degree to NY seems difficult with the edTPA. I am not currently in charge of a class in my field but only a substitute TA. I will soon be a substitute teacher. #education #teacher #teaching

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Sep 06, 2019 597 views

What is your least favorite thing about nursing in pediatrics?

I’m a student at Brennan hs and I’m interested in nursing specifically in pediatrics #nursing #nursing-education #healthcare

Aun’s Avatar
Aun Mar 01, 2020 875 views

How Should I Start Learning about Machine Learning at the Age of 15?

I don't want to be jumping all over the place, but this is just to keep in the side of my mind as I refine my web development skills and learn the general tools that a full-stack engineer utilizes. At 15, how do you recommend I begin to take interest in machine learning? I've always found it...

Gwynn’s Avatar
Gwynn Feb 24, 2020 662 views

How to layout painting process and plans in computer?

I'm like a guy that is into layout plans and want to understand more about it. #computer #painting #art

Rinosh’s Avatar
Rinosh Jan 25, 2020 910 views

where can I meet advertising professionals to network? I looking an internship opportunity in advertising industry.

I'm a self-taught Web Designer, SEO and Search Engine Marketer out of Toronto. I'm also the founder of Ads of Toronto, a curated website library dedicated to advertisements published in Toronto and, a free website building platform. I'm passionate about media Planning, buying...

fatimah’s Avatar
fatimah Jan 14, 2020 611 views

RE: Week 1 Discussion

im 24 years old looking for an internship with the FBI #internship #business

Chika’s Avatar
Chika Jan 14, 2018 873 views

What should I be looking for in medical schools when applying?

I'm very indecisive and not too sure about what to look for? I need a little guidance. #medical-school #medical-education #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor #med-school

Trent’s Avatar
Trent Feb 28, 2020 617 views

What is the best type of job the business major can get

I am interested in this major and wondering if it is beneficial #business .

Aun’s Avatar
Aun Feb 23, 2020 686 views

As a 10th grader what extracurriculars and average should I aim for if looking to apply to computer science?

I'm in 10th grade and trying to work my way towards computer science at waterloo or UOFT. My projected average is 91, mainly because I didn't try that hard first semester, but I understand the sacrifice I must make now. Any advice on volunteer activities or extracurriculars I should pursue to...

Micah’s Avatar
Micah Jan 28, 2020 607 views

Any schools that provide CNC and 3D printing lessons?

I am student currently enrolled in the Hawaii Job Corps program and was wondering if there are any recommended education outlets or schools regarding 3D printing and CNC programming . I would like to study this after my graduation from my program.
#engineering #education

Bryson’s Avatar
Bryson Jan 28, 2020 604 views

how much does baseball players and game coders make?

#athletics #programming #gaming I love baseball


Sohalia’s Avatar
Sohalia Feb 26, 2020 880 views

What knowledge would help me get in the field of marketing?

#marketing #business #college-major #management #technology