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I want to get a degree in economics, business and SEHS. I want to work in marketing, and also be a personal trainer on the side. I also want to be an accomplished actress after securing a job or investing in a company.



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Sohalia M. Feb 28 135 views

Is there still a point in studying to be a lawyer when IA is going to take over that field?

I wanted to be a lawyer before, but my dad told me that I shouldn't since artificial intelligence will be taking over law (in 10-15 years) instead to make it more efficient, and there would be no use for me then. Is that true? #law #lawyer #law-school #college #ia...


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Sohalia M. Feb 26 158 views

Is it better to go to Juilliard or NUS as an undergraduate?

I want to get into marketing for economics, but I am also very passionate about theatre arts and drama, I am also quite talented in it according to teachers and classmates. But I am not sure whether I should go to Juilliard or NUS for my bachelors degree, since both coarse take 4 years and that...

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