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What qualities make a good CNA?

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2 answers

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Jaime’s Answer

Be humble and always ask questions to clarify what is needed of you and when. Nurses love nothing more when assistance are present and ask if the nurse needs help. Otherwise, being one step ahead of the nurse is great too, meaning making sure vitals are up-to-date (per unit policy), feeding patients, showering patients, changing linens, ambulating patients, literally just sitting down and talking to patients, but above all CHARTING!! Oh my goodness, if you didn't chart it... it didn't happen.

Don't be afraid if there are things you don't know, ask for help and excel at your job. You are the person the patient sees the absolute most!! Be confident in your choices, but be sure to practice safety every step of the way... safety for yourself (raising the bed, ergonomics in lifting) and safety for your patients (fall bundles, gaits belts and more).

Thank you for your response! Daisha D.

Of course! I'm so proud of you, this is such a great job to get into when you first start out and then progress to RN or even PA, whatever your heart desires. I can definitely tell the difference though, between people who were CNA's first! Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions regarding this career choice. I was a CNA for 2.5 years in the hospital and recently obtained my RN and am working on the same unit. Jaime Larson

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Shauna’s Answer

Great question Daisha. Some qualities of excellent CNA’s that I have observed have tend to be great team players, energetic, can do attitude, patient, clarifying with the nurses if there is any confusion about a task, and knowing the parameters of vital signs or any abnormal findings during patient care that may seem off in which case reporting this to the nurse right away. Being a CNA can be a tough job but we nurses rely so much on the CNA and would be so much harder without their help so when they are there for the patients care it never goes unnoticed.