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What certificates do you need to succed in carpentry?

I'm a active person and have learned about measurements #career #carpentry #carpenter #job

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3 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Great to take courses in a trade or vocational school. Several coop or intern programs are starting with general contracting companies or local builder associations. Blueprint reasons,Computer Aided Drafting courses,architecture, building courses like wood framing, concrete, masonry, roofing, good to know other trades, and taking a test for a Construction Supervisor license. Meeting & talking with a reputable local builder and taking interest in his project may land you a job to learn. Some companies will reimburse your training expenses. Study,work hard and ask questions and don't give up, and you will succeed. Construction trades are great ways to see how things get build, look great after and feel good about what you built.Good luck!

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Brian’s Answer

There really is not any certificate that is "necessary" to succeed in carpentry. But learning should never stop and courses you take and certifications you gain can only help you. You might also want to consider what area, if any, you might want to focus on. Very few 'carpenters' are masters of all aspects of carpentry. There are rough carpenters that do things such as framing and structural work, finish carpenters, carpenters that make furniture and jewelry boxes, etc.

If you are just beginning your quest I would suggest trying to take some basic courses at a local trade school. Or perhaps finding someone you may know in the business and speaking with them. As time progresses you might find you very much prefer one area over another, and you can then focus on that.

Another option would be to join a carpenters union. You will often find their apprenticeship programs allow you flexibility to work in different areas of the trade.

I hope this helps and good luck making your dream a reality.

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Lynette’s Answer

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry offers the Certified Lead Carpenter credential for those who want to lead projects.

I hope this helps.