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What do carpenters do on a daily basis?

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2 answers

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G. Mark’s Answer

Bear in mind that there are many kinds of carpenters. There are construction carpenters, finish carpenters, industrial carpenters, etc.. There are carpenters who do primarily fine woodworking. And there are carpenters who use a lot of steel to build framing and such. So the answer to your question of what carpenters do on a daily basis, it's of course, "carpentry", and I've already told you that that can entail a wide range of talents and activities. These various levels of activity require different specialties, talents, and skills. A lot of carpenters do framing and construction, such as with building houses. Some carpenters will progress to planning where they will be running a crew of others and reading plans and blueprints. A framing carpenter will, for example, be moving wood materials to locations on the site. Many times, more junior folks -- laborers -- will be doing that. The carpenters will then be building the framework of, say, a house, and doing the rough-in work for walls and floors. There are also sheet-rock installers, who will be putting the interior walls up. And then there are other branches of construction, such as foundation, plumbing, electrical, etc.. And finish carpenters will be putting the trim and interior woodwork into place. So that's it -- carpenters do "carpentry". But "carpentry" is a whole lot of different stuff. But it's all great work.

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Grant’s Answer

Hello Giovanni , Carpenters generally build house timber kits, hang doors and build kitchens and furniture daily, as well as making things like garden sheds, the construction side of things will usually see you working on new housing for about 60% of the time, you can make bespoke kitchens and install flooring and have your own woodwork business..